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formwork design temporary works design
formwork design temporary works design
formwork design temporary works design
formwork design temporary works design
formwork design temporary works design

About Us

Who We Are:
How We Work: 

We believe in service. That is why we created Form First Ltd. With our dedicated approach we serve each Customer individually. During open communication we either propose most suitable solution / system of work or we design following Customer's preference and list of materials available on site. All our designs are structurally analysed in accordance with relevant British Standards, Codes of Practice, Ciria Publications and are professionally indemnified to a single claim limit of £1M. We are confident that our approach is a recipe for safe solution and best utilisation of Customer's resources - both equipment and labour.

Why Choose Us:

We are equipment specialist With over thousand designs in our portfolio we know pros and cons of each Temporary Works product available on the UK market. Applying this into practice we create safe design with correct connection details shown ensuring smooth installation on site.


We optimise the equipment usage – Economy of every formwork and falsework design can be improved by reusing one set of kit throughout the cycle of concrete pours. By maintaining close cooperation with appointed person we will ensure this is achieved making the construction process faster and more cost-effective as far as amount of equipment used is concerned.


We design relative aspects of formwork - Whether you need timber design, backpropping calculations or to assess anchorage fixing capacity or impact of wind on formwork we can assist with suitable details for your project. This means we are a one-stop shop for your formwork design needs..

formwork design temporary works design
formwork design temporary works design

Form First Ltd is a Temporary Works Consultancy which specialises in providing a high quality formwork design solutions to building and infrastructure contractors. Practice has been established in 2016 by Wojciech Jack Letos (MSc. Eng.)  who has gained his extensive expertise while working with all leading temporary works specialists (SGB-Harsco, Peri, Mabey, RMD Kwikform) on variety of projects including formwork, refurbishment and ground shoring. Throughout many years of service our team have developed passion into methods of construction and is always keen to serve our Customers needs.

What others say:

“Form First is an amazing company. Jack is very knowledgeable and will design and execute exactly what you envision. We work directly with his company as a contractor and they are at the top of our list for professionalism, accurate scheduling, and timely communication (just to name a few). Anybody who wants the best in designing formwork I would highly recommend Jack and his company Form First.”

Gordon Watson – Director, Xtraforce Limited


"Working with Form First over the last 2 projects has been an absolute pleasure. I was very impressed with technical expertise offered by the designers and the ease of communicating with the right people in order to resolve design queries. Overall, 10/10 for service, expertise and communication. Looking forward to working with them again!"

Vlad Ursu - Project Manager, MH Atlantic Contracts


“Form First have been a very professional company. Jack is an expert in designing and providing the quality work we require. We are a contractor and work with Jack and his team because they are able to deliver the product, on time and accurately. We would highly recommend Jack for anyone who is looking for the best in formwork design. We look forward to working with Jack again.”

Sam Fisk – Project Manager, Cottier Contracting


“We were very pleased with the quality of design produced and the fast turnaround time. We wouldn’t hesitate to use Form First again for design of formwork, falsework or temporary works.”

Callum McCormac – Commercial Manager, JR Civils Ltd

“Please accept this as a reference to the quality of service provided by Form First as a formwork designer of temporary works. We have used their services for over a year now and have found them both punctual and hands on with their approach to all aspects of design whether simple or complex. We use Form First for all soffit, wall and column design as well as traditional box formwork when required and we are very pleased with the turnaround times and service offered”

Mort Reidy – Director, ROL Construction Ltd

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